Benneydale School

Benneydale School

 Steps the school will take in the event of an emergency:

Following an earthquake or such emergency, roads may be impassable, and transport and utility services may be disrupted.

Any decision to send children home will be made by the principal in consultation with the BOT chairperson.

All parents and caregivers will be contacted via phone or email. Children will be kept at school until collected by a parent/caregiver.

The school will keep updated lists of people authorised by parents/caregivers to collect children after an emergency. No child will be released from school before the name of the person who has collected and/or assumed responsibility for that child has been recorded.

Children will not be left to find their own way home. Children whose parents/caregivers (or designated adult) are not available to collect them will be kept at the school.

Students who travel to school by bus may be released into the care of a driver to return to their homes if vehicles are available, if reports indicate that the roads are passable, and if parents/caregivers are known to be at home.


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