Benneydale School

Benneydale School

ICT For all users 

We actively encourage our students to be competent and confident in the use of digital technology; and aware of and able to manage the challenges and issues that go with it. These issues include safety of themselves and others, privacy, copyright, and protection of digital devices and equipment.

In keeping with our Health, Safety, and Welfare policy, we follow procedures to guide our use of the internet, mobile phones, and other digital devices and equipment. We maintain a cyber safe school environment by:

  • educating students and the school community about the safe and responsible use of ICT
  • allowing for professional development and training for staff
  • setting and sharing clear guidelines about acceptable and unacceptable use of the technology
  • following clear guidelines about publishing student information online
  • having a clear process for dealing with breaches of the policy or agreements,
  • following guidelines for the surrender and retention of digital devices
  • ensuring all members of the school understand and sign the appropriate user agreements annually.

The policy applies to every member of the school community authorised to use the digital technology equipment, including staff, students, volunteers, trainees, contractors, special visitors, and board members. It applies to digital devices/equipment owned or leased by the school and also those privately owned. It applies whether the digital technology equipment is used at the school, or any other location for a school based activity. This includes off-site access to the school network.


Akongia mo apopo
- Learn for tomorrow -