Benneydale School

Benneydale School


Absences can be notified to Benneydale School the following ways:

Phone - (07) 878 4829 (if needed leave a voicemail)

Email -

Please ensure a reason for the absence is provided, your child's full name and Learning Community, if possible

Extended absences should be notified in writing  to:

Lateness & Leaving Early

Children arriving at school late (even by a few minutes) must be signed-in at the office.   Likewise, if you are removing your child from school prior to  3pm, they must be  signed-out.

There is a book  located on the reception desk specifically for this reason.  

If anyone other than your child's main caregiver/s is removing them from school, please let us know in advance who this will be and approximately what time.


Akongia mo apopo
- Learn for tomorrow -