Benneydale School

Benneydale School

Behavioural Management and Work Habits

Classroom behaviour management is the responsibility of the classroom teacher and playground behaviour management is the responsibility of the teacher on duty.

It is every classroom teacher’s responsibility to draft class expected behaviours and be clear on consequences at the beginning of each year aligned to our school values and Restorative Approach.

These expectations must be clearly visible in the classroom.

It is the teacher's’ responsibility to enter behaviour incidents into Assembly.

Restorative Approach

At Benneydale School we believe:
Success comes through strong, caring teacher/learner relationships.
Everyone should be treated with dignity.
Students are capable of taking responsibility for their actions.
Restorative practice seeks to heal and put things right – to restore the mana.


Restorative Responses

(focus on accountability, healing and needs)

Punitive Responses

(focus on punishment)

1. Who has been affected?

2. How have they been affected?

3. What needs to be done to put things right?

1. What rule has been broken?

2. Who is to blame?

3. What’s the punishment going to be?

Q. Isn’t it the easy option? Doesn’t it let wrongdoers off the hook?

A. Restorative practice isn’t soft or ‘fluffy’ – it is often harder for a wrongdoer to face up to their victim and put things right than to endure a punishment.

Q. So, all they have to do is apologise and everything is supposed to be all right?

A. Wrongdoers are not told to apologise – they only apologise when they choose to do so in order to put things right. They are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the victim’s feelings and the damage they have caused. The victim is not obliged to accept an apology. Often there are consequences to face up to, even when the damage has been repaired.

Q. What if they’re not sorry?

A. There is a place for punishment – when wrongdoers do not engage in the restorative process, adults take over and decide on the consequences.

Q. What happens if the wrongdoer offends again?

 A. Restorative practice is not about changing behaviour, it is about repairing damage. Hopefully, behaviour change will occur over time, but we are not going to miraculously turn people into angels.




Akongia mo apopo
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