Benneydale School

Benneydale School

Inclusive Practice

Every student has the right to achieve success and make progress at school, regardless of their ability. Every student with special education needs also has the right to receive extra support to assist them to reach their potential. All aspects of special needs delivery are coordinated at the school. Deciding on the best approach to support the student's learning needs includes parents/caregivers. 

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

An ongoing, collaborative, and monitored individual education plan IEP is a living document that details general and specific targets, strategies, plans, assessments, and resources for a student with special needs.

An IEP is intended to support planning for a student's needs. The IEP can represent:

  • the complete cycle of assessment, planning, provision, and evaluation

  • the meeting at which the individual needs of a student are discussed

  • a plan for an individual student, and/or

  • a documented program for an individual student.


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