Benneydale School

Benneydale School

Our past to present...

Benneydale School has seen many changes from the time it was established.  It was opened in 1945 when the coal mine was operational and the village was growing.  From this a district high school also opened.  The original school was at the end of School Rd.  This site closed down when the District High School became the Benneydale Area School.  Over time and changes to the community the Benneydale Area School closed and became the current full primary school it is today.

Today Benneydale School is a small rural primary U1 school catering for students in Years 1 to 8.  It is located south-east of Te Kuiti in the King Country.  For 2020 it has three teaching staff. The student body is predominantly Māori (30/39) and most students whakapapa to local iwi.   We are a PB4L school, members of the Waitomo Kahui Ako and are very well resourced. 

Consultation with students, parents and whanau has resulted in creating our vision, values and mission. Hui a whanau has also helped shape our evolving localised curriculum.  The following diagram represents what our vision and mission is and central to those goals are our shared values that underpin all of our decisions and actions. Staff, BOT and community members are committed to leading our school into the future for the well-being of all Benneydale children.  

Akongia mo apopo
- Learn for tomorrow -