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Benneydale School

School Docs - Searcha nd retention policy

As part of our commitment to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for our school community, Benneydale School is obliged to protect all members of the school community from dangerous items brought to school, and to respect the privacy and emotional safety of the individual. The school community, and the public, expects the school environment to be free of alcohol and drugs, weapons, and cyberbullying.

To provide this protection and meet expectations, the school:

  • makes its community aware of which items are prohibited at school and the consequences of bringing such an item to school
  • has guidelines around the surrender and retention of property, including digital devices, and the searching of students
  • ensures that all staff members understand the guidelines and their authority to act within them
  • ensures that searches are conducted according to the school guidelines and only by authorised staff members
  • keeps a written record of searches.

The Surrender and Retention and Searches legislation applies at school, and at all school events and school supervised situations, such as Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) events.

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