Benneydale School

Benneydale School
School Docs - EOTC Parent Help policy

Many EOTC activities could not take place without the help of parent volunteers. Often, notices about planned activities invite parents to help with supervision, transport, or to provide other assistance.

The school's child protection and privacy policies apply to anyone helping with EOTC activities.

Depending on the activity, there may be forms for the parent helper to complete.

Parent volunteers are not required by law to be vetted but the school board or management may choose to do so. At our school, we police vet parent volunteers for camp or overnight activities. The application must be directed to the Vetting and Validation Section of NZ Police (not the Teaching Council). For further information, refer to the NZ Police website.

No adults (i.e. staff, instructors, visitors, or parent volunteers) participating in an EOTC activity may consume or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other harmful substances.

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